How to Stay Safe on Your Winter Travels

How to Stay Safe on Your Winter Travels

With the cold winter months fast approaching, it’s important we stay safe on the roads and take precautions to avoid any potential hazards. Now that we have the opportunity to visit our loved ones across the country, we must stay safe when we head out on the roads over the holidays, here’s how:

Stay on main roads and motorways

If you do need to hit the road during icy or snowy conditions, it’s a good idea to stick to major roads rather than small country lanes. Not only are minor roads less likely to be cleared of snow and ice, but it will also be harder to get assistance if you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s also helpful to avoid hills and slopes wherever possible, so plan your route accordingly.

Keep emergency items in your car

If you do find yourself stranded somewhere, you’ll need to have some essential items in your car ready. If you regularly need to do long journeys in bad weather, you should consider keeping these items with you at all times. This includes a blanket, gloves, a bottle of water and a first aid kit. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep some snacks in your glove box, even if they only get eaten when you’re stuck in winter traffic and a little peckish!

Keep your family updated

Make sure your family knows where you’re going and when you expect to arrive. If you’re making a journey to visit friends and family, keep them updated so they know you haven’t hit any problems. It also wouldn’t hurt to share your location with them so they can watch your journey live and will know where you are, even if you don’t.

Stay smart

Always stay up to date with weather forecasts, if a lot of snow is expected, don’t make any big journeys. Make sure your breakdown insurance is valid and if you do find yourself stranded, do your best to stay warm and wait for help. You can run your engine every 10 minutes every hour to stay warm and keep your interior light on so that you can be found easily by whoever is coming to help you.

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