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New Tyres

Tyre specialists in Longton.

Keep your vehicle safe and make sure your tyres are in good condition. With tyres to suit all budgets, improve your driving experience with enhanced grip and control.

We have tyres for any make or model of vehicle including compact, family, executive and performance cars, vans and commercial vehicles, minibuses, caravans, trailers and motorhomes.

Our range of tyres include; summer tyres, winter tyres, all weather tyres, run flat tyres, van tyres, motorhome tyres and 4x4 tyres. If you do a lot of driving, we recommend you change your tyres to the seasons - prioritising winter tyres for the colder British weather.

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Our tyre services include:

Affordable tyres for all budgets
Improve your car’s performance
Tyres for any make or model of vehicle
A range of tyres for all types of weather
We offer wheel alignment services too
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Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between budget, mid-range and premium tyres?

If you are short on cash and need a new tyre, budget tyres will be the most affordable. Mid-range tyres should be of a reasonably good quality and durable enough for the average driver without being too pricey. Premium tyres undergo a lot of development and testing during its creation, with top quality components - you can rely on a premium tyre to be hard wearing, long lasting and well performing. If you drive on different roads and terrains, from motorways to country roads, premium tyres are an excellent choice.

What are run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres are designed with reinforced sidewalls that can support the weight of a vehicle in the case of a puncture. If you get a puncture, your run flat tyre can drive for up to 50 miles, so that you can safely drive to get the puncture repaired or tyre replaced.

What is the minimum legal tread depth?

As your tyres wears down from the road, its ability to grip the road decreases, meaning longer stopping distances and a higher chance of aquaplaning. Driving with worn tyres is a costly and serious safety risk. Did you know that the fine in the UK for bald tyres is £2,500 plus 3 points on your licence per tyre? The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, however most motoring organisations recommend changing your tyres before the tread reaches this level.

How long do car tyres last?

Tyre manufacturers and safety groups advise that tyres should be replaced roughly every 5-6 years. However, if you regularly drive on incorrectly inflated tyres or drive on rough road conditions, your tread will most likely wear down quicker. Make sure to regularly check and maintain your tyres, and replace them whenever the tread depth falls below 3mm.
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Is your vehicle making a strange noise or not running correctly? Our experts can diagnose and offer repairs at an affordable price. Book your vehicle inspection appointment by contacting us now for peace of mind.
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We offer same-day comprehensive MOTand services. Leave your vehicle in the hands of our experienced team. Keep your vehicle in excellent condition and improve its efficiency. Book your next MOT online now or call us to book your service.
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With over 30 years in the trade, Adderley Green Garage has built an excellent reputation for expert repairs and services. If you'd like to find out more about what services we offer, please contact us.
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What our customers are saying...

Here are just a few examples of the amazing feedback we receive daily
Came out of work to discover a flat tyre. Closer inspection showed a large bolt in it. They were able to get me in straight away and had it sorted in no time. Fantastic service.
Pat Edwards
Very friendly and professional service, fitted side steps to my Ford Kuga and had my old alloy wheels taken off and some new ones I brought complete with tyres put on and balanced, made a perfect job and the end result was absolutely stunning, great service all round, would definitely recommend them, thank you.
John Croft
Great, friendly, fast service.. Keep you updated at all times what is wrong with your car and what, if any, repairs will be needed. Thoroughly recommended.
Lorraine Stockton
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