Nobody ever plans to break down, but unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, even if you think your car is in perfect condition. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and break down somewhere convenient, but breaking down can be particularly dangerous, especially if you’re on a motorway or another busy road.

So here is a guide on what to do when your car breaks down.

Move Off The Road

The first thing you need to do when you break down is make sure you’re in a safe place. If you’re on the road, move your vehicle off the road if possible. If you’re on a motorway and not near an exit, pull up to the hard shoulder, making sure you’re as far to the left as possible.

If you can’t get to the hard shoulder, stay in your vehicle, turn your hazards on and call the emergency services immediately. Never try to exit your vehicle in live traffic.

Next Steps

You should then turn your hazard lights on, so everybody passing knows there is an issue. It’s recommended to get out of your vehicle and wait behind a barrier or away from moving traffic. Leave your car using the doors facing away from passing traffic to be safest. If you have something reflective or high-vis in your car, you should put it on.

Warning Triangle

If you’re on a road and it is safe to do so, put a warning triangle down at least 45 metres from your vehicle. It is not safe to use warning triangles on the motorway.

Call For Help

Now you should call for help, either from a local garage or a breakdown company. Never try to fix roadside problems yourself, as you may make the issue worse or put yourself in danger.

Car Recovery From Garages in Stoke-on-Trent

If you have broken down in the Stoke-on-Trent area, get in touch with the team at Adderley Green Garage Ltd. We offer car recovery, getting to you as quickly as possible so you aren’t left stranded on the side of the road. We can also offer roadside repairs for your vehicle, bringing with us all the tools required by our knowledgeable staff to get your car fixed in no time at all. If we can’t we’ll tow your car to our garage and use advanced diagnostics equipment to solve the problem.

We have the knowledge and skills to work on any condition that will cause your vehicle to break down, so give us a call today on 01782 312 510 if you need emergency breakdown recovery. We also offer servicing, repairs and MOT testing that will help to ensure your car doesn’t suddenly break down again. Visit our website to find out more.