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Welcome To Our New Website!

11 January 2023

We are excited to welcome you to our newly revamped website! Our fresh look aims to provide an easy-to-navigate platform that is full of useful information to help you with your vehicle needs. We've added a blend of modern design with user-friendly features to make your online journey as informative and enjoyable as possible.

Local Garage Expertise

Our website now boasts a dedicated section for Frequently Asked Questions, designed to provide quick answers to common queries regarding our services. From insights on MOTs to detailed explanations of our Repair Services, we have strived to cover a broad spectrum of topics that resonate with your needs. Read more about our LGV and Commercial MOTs, Motorhome Repairs and Services and Motorbike and Motorcycle Services and Repairs.

With hundreds of 5* reviews, Adderley Green Garage has a reputation in the local community. We're proud of our friendly customer service, and fast and efficient repairs.

User-Friendly Design

The layout of our website is thoughtfully designed to ensure a smooth navigation experience. Whether you are browsing on mobile, tablet, or desktop, the website adjusts seamlessly to provide a comfortable viewing experience. The aim is to help you find the information you need swiftly, no matter the device you use.

Online Booking System

Our Online Booking System allows you to schedule an MOT for your car, van, pick-up, motorhome, or minibus with ease. We also provide the option for same-day appointments for your convenience. Additionally, if you require a thorough check of your vehicle, you can book a safety check with one of our skilled mechanics.

If you'd rather not use our online booking system, you can send us a message on our contact page or call us on 01782 333 000.

Stay Updated with our News Page

Our News page is a cornerstone for valuable tips, advice, and updates in the automotive industry. We plan on sharing regular insights on car maintenance, MOT preparations, and a host of other relevant topics to keep you well-informed and your vehicle in prime condition.

We’d Love Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website. Your thoughts are invaluable to us. As you explore the new website, we would love to hear your feedback. Your comments will help us continuously improve our website to be the best it can be.

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