The air conditioning unit in your car is an important part of your vehicle. It helps to keep you comfortable in your car and regulates the temperature, ensuring that you’re never too hot when stuck in traffic or driving. In order to ensure that your air conditioner stays in top condition and continues to work efficiently all year round, it’s important that you get it serviced regularly and carry out the necessary maintenance.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a car air conditioning service or you’ve noticed a few problems with your system recently, we’ve listed three signs that your car air conditioning needs repairing.

The air is warm

Your air conditioning is there to cool you down when it’s too warm inside your car. If the air coming out of your system isn’t cold enough or efficiently cooling you down, it’s likely that your refrigerant needs to be recharged or topped up. While this issue can go unnoticed if you don’t use your air conditioning system regularly, it’s important that you get this sorted before the summer months roll around. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a hot car when the weather is humid outside!

There’s a bad smell

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell coming out of your air conditioning system, it’s time for a service. Over time, dust and dirt can become trapped in the system; a buildup of dust and dirt can cause bacteria to form and build, resulting in an unpleasant smell when you turn on the air con.

You’ve noticed a rattling sound

Your air conditioning unit should run smoothly, efficiently and quietly. If you notice any strange sounds coming from your system, such as a banging or rattling noise, you should get your system repaired. These sounds are often indications that the condenser or fan belt is worn out, or that the system is clogged. If your system is making a strange sound, it’s best to ask the experts for some advice.

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