With a new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions. While typical resolutions include exercising more and leading a healthier lifestyle, something you may not have thought about is your car.

Considering how much we all rely on our cars, sometimes they simply don’t get the TLC they need. This year, make it your mission to keep your car in top condition – for both your safety and your wallet.

Read on for our top three New Year’s resolutions to make for your car this year!

Carry out regular car maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your car remains in top condition, so make sure one of your resolutions is to keep on top of maintenance. We understand keeping on top of car maintenance can be a pain, especially if you’ve got a busy lifestyle, but taking the time to change your oil, check your tyres and replace your brake pads when necessary will ensure it remains safe on the roads.

Save some extra money by learning to do basic car maintenance yourself. There are lots of maintenance tasks that should be done by a skilled mechanic, but there are also some you can do yourself, such as replacing your windshield wipers or checking the tyre pressure.

Keep your car clean

This is one a lot of us are guilty of – a messy car. While keeping a car clean comes naturally to some people, to others, it’s a real task. Aim to keep your car as clean as possible this year. Make sure all rubbish leaves your car at the end of the day when you’re finished driving and take the time to regularly hoover, clean and clear your car. If you have children, this is the year to teach them about the importance of keeping a car clean and tidy!

Get issues diagnosed right away

Another thing we can all be a little bit guilty of is leaving small problems until they turn into big issues that we can no longer ignore. Don’t wait until your car’s broken down or there’s smoke coming out of your exhaust – instead, make it your mission to pay attention to all small problems and get them professionally diagnosed right away.

Preventing car problems and fixing small issues early can save you lots of money in the long run and help ensure your car is as safe as possible on the roads.

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