Over the years cars have played an important role in making films and TV programmes iconic. We all recognise Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle and Back to the Future’s DeLorean, but what about the cars that made British TV history? Here we take a look at three iconic vehicles that featured in some of our most loved British programmes – all of which happen to be yellow!

Mr Bean’s Mini

Mr Bean is one of Britain’s most loved comedy characters among adults and children. Acted and written by Rowan Atkinson, Mr Bean has been described as a child in a grown man’s body, with his meddling and hilariously written antics. But, when many people think of Mr Bean, their thoughts turn to his famous citron-green Mini. The car is at the centre of many of his jokes and featured in the original series as well as the animated spin off. Now ingrained as one of Britain’s favourite cars, we’ll never forget Bean locking his car with a bolt and padlock in an attempt to save money.

Old Fools and Horses: three wheel van

Probably the most famous vehicle to come out of Peckham, iconic sitcom Only Fools and Horses wouldn’t be the same without Delboy’s three-wheeled yellow van. Much to Rodney’s dismay, the vehicle was the pair’s runaround for Trotters Independent Traders. In real life, the Robin Reliant was manufactured between 1953 and 1973, and was so light that the van could be driven on a Class A motorcycle licence! Over the 22 years of filming the show went through several of the vans, with one of the originals later selling for almost £42,000 at auction which exceeded all expectations- a deal Delboy himself would be proud of.

The Inbetweeners: Simon’s Ford Cinquecento

Four teenage lads and one small yellow car- what could go wrong? The inbetweeners first aired in 2008 as a coming-of-age sitcom, it followed the day to day lives of Simon, Jay, Neil and Will as they battled through school, friendship and dating. In episode three Simon finally passes his driving test, with his dad bringing home a small yellow ‘Hawaii’ edition hatchback, to get him on the road. Despite being a ‘great little run around’ the car captures the embarrassing downfalls of teenage life as Simon is ridiculed by his brother and friends, even losing a car door during a road trip to Thorpe park. But without it, we wouldn’t of had some of The Inbetweeners funniest moments.

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