Are you planning on taking to the open road this summer? Road trips make for the ideal holiday- you’ve got the freedom of cruising from place to place, stopping off wherever you please, all the while enjoying the company of a few close friends, all from the comfort of your car.

However, all the driving and travelling can take its toll on both you, your passengers and your car. In order for you to have the road trip of a lifetime, we’ve put together this checklist so that you can look after yourself, your vehicle and enjoy the ride along the way!

Look after yourself:

  • Sunglasses: Driving in bright sunlight is not only annoying but can also be extremely dangerous- make sure your eyes are protected.

  • Toiletries: Be sure to pack everything you need toiletry-wise, and don’t forget the toilet roll and hand sanitiser- service station toilets aren’t famed for their luxury!

  • First aid kit: As with any off-the-grid trip, you’ll need to have a good first aid kit in tow, just in case anything bad happens.

  • Appropriate clothing: Depending on where you’re driving, you’ll need to pack either plenty of warm layers or some summery attire, and make sure you’re comfortable driving in the get up.

  • Snacks and refreshments: Whilst you may not be burning lots of energy, it’s important to keep yourself and your passengers stocked up with tasty snacks and hydrated with cooling drinks.

  • Reusable bottles: Don’t waste your money on countless plastic bottles of soft drinks; bring reusable bottles so you can fill them up at each stop you make.

  • Pillows and sleeping bags: Whilst sleeping in the car isn’t recommended, if you do get tired and need to pull over, you may as well make your roadside nap a comfortable one!

Look after your car:

  • Spare tyre: Make sure your spare tyre is in good condition, and also make sure you’re clued up on how to change a flat tyre.

  • Emergency car kit: If you breakdown, you’ll need things like reflective triangles, high-vis jackets, ropes, tools- basically anything that will keep you and your car safe.

  • Car manual: If something goes wrong whilst you’re on the road, you’ll need to be able to refer to your owner’s manual to hopefully resolve the issue without delay.

  • Licence, registration and insurance: This applies to any drive you take, but you shouldn’t set off until you’ve got these vital documents on board.

Enjoy the ride:

  • Speaker system: Nothing beats driving on the open road listening to your favourite tunes, so make sure you’ve got a decent speaker system in your car for your trip.

  • Phone charger: When you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, your phone might be your only connection to the rest of the world, so make sure it can be charged up at all times.

  • Phone mount: There’s nothing more dangerous than driving with a phone in hand, in fact, it’s illegal. Invest in a sturdy phone mount so you can keep both hands firmly on the wheel.

  • Helpful apps: Nowadays, there is quite literally an app for everything. Be sure to download music, maps, traffic and local travel apps on your phone to keep you in the loop.

Before you set off on your big trip, you’ll need to make sure your car is in prime condition. So, if you’re based in Stoke-On-Trent, get in touch with Adderley Green Garage. We provide extensive car servicing, from minor repairs to full MOT testing and breakdown recovery.