We’ve officially said goodbye to summer – and the great weather that comes with it! Unless you’re preparing to travel around over winter, this means it’s time to take care of any motorhome maintenance tasks to prepare your vehicle for the colder months. Taking care of your motorhome maintenance winter checklist now will ensure that your vehicle is ready and safe to store away. Here are some of the main tasks to tick off your winter checklist:

Empty your motorhome

It can be tempting to leave items in your motorhome for use next spring, but they could become mouldy over the winter months. To avoid this, empty your motorhome of food (including non-perishable items), bed linens, clothes and toiletries. You should also remove any valuables that might corrode or be attractive to thieves.

Clean the inside and outside of your motorhome

If you’ve used your motorhome a lot this summer, it will likely need a thorough clean. Make sure you remove any dirt and debris from the inside and outside of your vehicle to avoid deterioration. Don’t forget to clear out any insects that have made your vehicle their home!

Weatherproof your motorhome

It’s no secret that the weather can turn over winter – especially in the UK. Prepare for heavy rainfall and frost by weatherproofing your motorhome. This means checking for (and fixing) damaged seals or gaps and cracks in your window and door frames; if water gets in throughout winter, you’ll likely have lots of damp-related issues to deal with in spring.

Inspect electricals and turn them off

Now is a good time to inspect any electrical systems and make sure they’re running properly and safely. It’s especially important to check large appliances, such as your refrigerator. Once you’ve inspected every appliance, switch them off before you lock and store your motorhome for winter. This will avoid draining the battery unnecessarily.

Drain your motorhome of water and fluid

You should also drain your motorhome of water and fluid to minimise the risk of damp and burst pipes over winter. It’s especially important to drain any wastewater tanks as these could become unsanitary if left unused and untreated. You also want to avoid contamination, so drain your motorhome and then re-fill every tank before your next trip.

Check your motorhome’s tyres

The last thing you want is for your motorhome’s tyres to bulge and crack in the cold weather, so inspect them for damage before winter. You should also take your vehicle to a garage to have its tyre pressure and tread depth checked.

Fill your motorhome’s fuel tank

Even if you don’t plan to drive your motorhome over winter, it’s still recommended that you fill-up the fuel tank. This will prevent condensation from forming and prevent damage to the tank.

Book your next motorhome MOT test

Whether you’re planning to drive or store your motorhome over winter, you must make sure it’s booked in for its annual MOT test. In addition to being a legal requirement, motorhome MOT testing will help to keep your vehicle in great condition all year round. Your chosen garage will be able to check your engine, tyres, suspension and much more to ensure your motorhome is roadworthy and ready for your next big trip!

If it’s time to book your motorhome MOT test, look no further than Adderley Green Garage. As Stoke-on-Trent’s leading MOT testing centre, we’re well-equipped to help you stay on the right side of the law. Contact us today to book your motorhome MOT or to discuss any other services you require.