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Motorbike and Motorcycles

Motorbike repairs and services

At Adderley Green Garage, we’re one of the 2,800 garages in the UK that can do Class 1 and Class 2 MOTs for Motorbikes and Motorcycles. We offer MOTs for most makes and models of motorcycles.

Make sure to check your motorbike regularly, not only will it save you money in the long run but it will keep you safe.

Bring your motorbike to Adderley Green Garage for a comprehensive and value for money MOT.

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We offer a range of services for motorbikes

Comprehensive MOTs for your motorbike
Competitive prices
Knowledgeable team of experts
Class 1 and Class 2 Motorbike And Motorcycle MOT Tests
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Frequently asked questions

Do motorbikes need an MOT every year?

Yes - your motorbike will need an MOT every year once it is three years old and older. Your motorbike must pass its MOT test every year to keep your bike legally on the road.

What do I regularly need to check on my motorbike?

It’s important to make sure that you regularly check your motorbike for safety, and it can also save you costs in the long run if you spot an issue before they turn into a major problem. Things you should regularly check are: oil levels - use a dipstick or check on your level window. Tyres - look out for wear and tear as well as whether they are inflated correctly, double check your tread depth and make sure they are above the legal minimum of 1mm across ¾ of the width of the tread pattern (for motorbikes over 50cc). Coolant - check what your level is based on the high and low marks on the outside of your tank and fill accordingly. Lights - make sure all of your lights are working correctly.

What services do you offer for motorbikes?

We can offer annual MOTs for your motorcycle and motorbikes.
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Is your vehicle making a strange noise or not running correctly? Our experts can diagnose and offer repairs at an affordable price. Book your vehicle inspection appointment by contacting us now for peace of mind.
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Servicing & MOTs

We offer same-day comprehensive MOTand services. Leave your vehicle in the hands of our experienced team. Keep your vehicle in excellent condition and improve its efficiency. Book your next MOT online now or call us to book your service.
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With over 30 years in the trade, Adderley Green Garage has built an excellent reputation for expert repairs and services. If you'd like to find out more about what services we offer, please contact us.
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What our customers are saying...

Here are just a few examples of the amazing feedback we receive daily
Just had my motorbike MOT for the first time here. Very friendly staff and MOT done in no time.
Mick Jones
Great service. Went on my motorbike, gave my name and keys for the MOT and it was done within 30 mins. There is a nice little family of staff that always seems to be happy and laughing with each other. It's nice to see.
Andrew Blank
Took my motorcycle in for MOT very helpful and friendly staff. It didn't take long, I also take my car in for service and MOT.
Paul Bagley
Very good service sorted MOT on my motorcycle very pleased pleasant staff really helpful would highly recommend Adderley Green Garage.
Rhonda Overton
Contacted Adderley Garage wanting a motorcycle MOT. On the day of the MOT, my bike failed to start so had to cancel, so helpful they told me to ring back if it started as they would try and get me in later which they did. Fantastic service, will be back next year. Observed the engineer checking over my back very thorough.
Steven Weston
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