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An annual MOT inspection is essential for any motorist to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and any other road users. At Adderley Green Garage, our team specialises in cars, motorcycles, motor homes and mini buses MOTs, providing a full range of services. When it’s time for your MOT in Stoke-on-Trent, we can carry out tests on all sorts of vehicles, from vans and light commercials through to motorhomes and even quad bikes. When you bring your vehicle to us, you can be sure it’s safe and ready to go back on the road.

Speedy same day MOT services

Nobody wants their vehicle to be in the garage for days, waiting for the MOT to be carried out. That’s why Adderley Green Garage offer same day services, allowing you to get your vehicle back quickly. When you’re looking for MOT garages in Longton, give us a call or simply click the ‘book now’ buttons below to book your test.

Cars, Motorcycles, Vans, & Pick ups

Mini Buses and Large Motor Homes

Same-day inspection service

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MOT Testing

We MOT all Vehicles

Adderley Green Garage don’t just carry out MOTs on cars. It’s important for all on-road vehicles to be regularly tested, ensuring that they are safe. Some vehicles that we test include:

• Motorbikes
• Vans
• Light commercial vehicles (LGVs)
• Motorhomes

With the facilities and experience to carry out all sorts of MOTs, you can be sure the test will be carried out quickly and efficiently. If you need a van MOT in Stoke-on-Trent, simply book online, or pick up the phone to arrange your test.

Competitive prices

It always feels like your MOT date comes around at the worst times, so we offer competitive prices on MOT testing and servicing. When you need an affordable MOT in Stoke-on-Trent, our small, local garage can offer the best prices for your test.

Quick repairs

If your vehicle fails its MOT, we’ll discuss your options with you. Whether you decide to repair or dispose of the vehicle, we can help, and can offer friendly and honest advice. We’ll prepare a quote for parts and labour, and can carry out any repairs on-site. We know that when you have a car MOT in Longton and it fails, it can be stressful, so we can carry out any work that needs to be done to get it to a passing standard, and then carry out the re-test quickly.

Vehicle Servicing

It goes without saying that regular servicing is a critical part of vehicle ownership. Even the most well engineered makes and models require servicing every now and then to keep the engine running smoothly and ensure the various components are up to scratch. As one of the leading MOT centres in Longton and Stoke-on-Trent, you can rest assured that our team of experts have the experience needed to keep your car in tip top condition.

The Leading MOT Garage in Stoke-on-Trent

Are you looking for the best MOT centre in Longton and Stoke-on-Trent? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Adderley Green Garage, we pride ourselves on providing a fast, affordable and trustworthy MOT inspection designed to get you back on the road with minimal disruption. Your safety is our number one priority, and as such we always do everything we can to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for the road.


With our thorough and professional MOT testing, you be rest assured that you're driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

Motorcycle MOT
Motorcycle MOT

Our motorcycle MOTs ensure that everything is ticking along smoothly with your bike, increasing performance as well as your safety out on the open road.

Other Vehicle MOTs
Other Vehicle MOTs

We also carry out Light Commercial MOTs for vans and other trade vehicles, ensuring that every component is working to its full potential.

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