Every year, your vehicle must pass its MOT, but not every vehicle will. Fortunately, the most common reasons for failing the MOT are rather easy to sort out. With the right repairs made ahead of time, you should have no trouble with the test and will soon be on your way for another year.

Here are some of the most common reasons a car may fail the MOT:

Broken or Poorly Functioning Lights

Without properly functioning lights, your vehicle is a hazard. You need to ensure that all lights are functional, this includes the headlamps, the indicators, and your brake lights. Check these before the MOT test and replace any bulbs that are blown. Don’t forget to test your lights on high and low beams, as well as turn signals. Non-functional lights are one of the most common reasons for MOT failure, yet it is a very simple fix. You just need to go over the lights before you take the test.

Worn Down Tyres

To legally be good, your tyre treads must be a minimum of 1.6mm deep. Anything less and your vehicle will fail the test. However, you should also be aware of any other potential issues with your tyres, such as bulges, incorrect tyre pressure, or any type of damage to the tyre wall.

Windscreen Issues

If the windscreen is blocked in any way, you could fail the MOT. Nothing must obscure the driver’s view of the road and the surrounding areas, which can have deadly consequences. Everything from decorations dangling from the rear-view mirror to a crack on the windscreen could cause the driver to miss something on the road. You’ll also need windscreen wipers that are properly adjusted to clean the windscreen as needed.

Worn Brake Pads

Brakes are an essential part of vehicle safety and if your brakes aren’t in good condition, your vehicle will not do well on the MOT. You should check your brake pads regularly and have them replaced as soon as they begin to wear down. If you notice screeching or grinding noises when you brake, it’s time to see a mechanic and have the brakes looked at. While you’re at the garage, consider checking your handbrake, as well.

It’s best to have your vehicle checked before you take it for the MOT. A garage that knows exactly what is required can help you ensure your vehicle is in top condition to take the test and pass it.

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