What to Look Out For When Purchasing A Used Car

What to Look Out For When Purchasing A Used Car

Buying a used car will usually be considerably cheaper than buying new, but with used you have to be warier. Buying a new car straight from a manufacturer is typically safer because you know you’re the first person who will be driving the car, being aware of the whole history and knowing that the car is uniquely yours.

A used car will always have a history, so here is what to look out for when purchasing a used car.


Ensure that any used car you intend to purchase has all the relevant documents. A key one you need is the V5C registration document, as you won’t be able to tax the car without it. Make sure the details on this document match the car you’re looking at, such as the registered keeper, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine number, nimbler plate and colour.

Check the car has a current MOT, which it should have if it’s more than 3 years old. You can check the MOT history of a vehicle online at gov.uk with only a few details about the vehicle needed.

Test Drive

Get a feel for the car by asking to take a test drive in it. You should be on the lookout for anything that does not appear to be working optimally. Listen out for any strange noises or visible emissions. Is the car’s performance optimal? Does the clutch make strange sounds and are the breaks working effectively? Check that all the controls in the car work, including heating, ventilation, air-con, radio, built-in navigation and more. Also, ensure all the locks and windows work properly.

You should also check the outer shell of the car, to see if there are any signs of accidental damage that might have been hastily covered up. Look for scratch marks or a paint job that isn’t even or mismatched. You want to ensure you’re paying a fair price for a quality vehicle, so don’t just take a dealer’s word on it and check yourself.


Check the mileage of the car and see if it is consistent with the car’s age? Check to see if it looks like the odometer has been tampered with and ensure to check the recorded mileage on service records or MOT certificates.

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