If you’re an average driver in the UK, you can expect to spend a total of four years in your car. That’s a lot of time and it means you’re statistically likely to experience at least one emergency while driving somewhere. That’s why you should always carry a few emergency supplies in your vehicle.

Wondering what you need to have available to you? Here’s a list of the most important items.

Jump Leads

Your battery can run down at any point. Whether you leave your lights on by accident or the battery is simply worn out, you will need jump leads many times over the years. Even if your battery is fine, it’s likely you’ll meet someone else who needs a hand. Just be sure to learn how to use them so you will never fumble about while attempting to jump your car.

Fire Extinguisher

Fires are always a danger and it’s just a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in the car. You may never need it, but if you come across a crash or are part of an accident, you’ll have it there to help out. Sometimes a fire extinguisher is the only thing allowing you to pull someone out of a burning vehicle.


Extra water is always essential. It can be used if your vehicle begins to overheat, but it is also good for dehydration. Replace the water ever four months with fresh water. If you’re ever trapped in traffic, you’ll still have access to the lifesaving liquid.


If you find yourself without petrol after dark, you’ll be very glad of a torch. It’s best to get one with extra batteries, or choose a hand crank option so you can always recharge it.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is useful for those inevitable cuts and bumps you receive in daily life. You’ll always have what you need for a headache if your first aid kit is in the car. Just be sure to refill anything you use up. It’s also a good idea to add some extra items, such as large gauze and some instant cold and hot packs.


Blankets can be useful for several reasons. In the winter, you can stay warmer without leaving the engine on. If there is a crash, you can keep a victim warm or fashion a make-shift carrier to move someone to a safe location.

Snow Shovel

In the winter, this is essential for getting your vehicle unstuck in the snow or digging your way out of a snowbank. However, the same shovel can be useful year-round because you can use it to shovel sand or dirt, as well.

While it’s important to have these items in your vehicle, it’s also essential that you maintain your car. Proper maintenance and regular oil changes, tune ups, and tire changes will help prevent an emergency in the first place.

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