Driving a long distance with children in the car can be difficult to say the least. Keeping your little ones entertained during a long road trip can be a great task – and while it’s important to ensure that your children are comfortable, occupied and entertained, it’s also essential that you drive your family safely from A to B. Below, we share our top tips for keeping your little ones entertained in the car.

Create a travel pack

There are lots of travel packs on the market that you can buy, however, making one yourself is easy. Simply pick up some fun and easy colouring books, a pack of colouring pencils, some sticker packs and a pot of Play Doh (if you trust them not to get it everywhere!). Colouring pads and sticker sheets can keep your little ones occupied for hours.

Provide snacks and drinks

If your little ones are hungry or thirsty, they’ll be more irritable. It’s absolutely essential that you keep your children hydrated and fed during a car journey. Pack some bottles of water and car-friendly snacks, such as dry cereals, raisins, cheese strings and pieces of fruit.

Play fun and educational games

Another great way to keep children entertained during road trips is to play fun and educational games with them. I Spy is a simple yet fun game for little ones, as well as the Alphabet Name Game and 20 Questions. During the Alphabet Name Game, children have to find the letters in their name using signs and car number plates. In 20 Questions, one person must think of something and state whether it’s a person, a thing or a place. The other people in the car must then ask questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

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