How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

With rising fuel prices, many road users are looking at ways in which they can improve their fuel economy. Some core suggestions include gradual accelerating and braking, driving more conservatively and avoiding using the car for short trips. Small changes like this can make a big difference. For example, driving at 60mph rather than 70mph can reduce fuel consumption by 10%.

It is also important to ensure that your car is being serviced at regular intervals. Issues with the car relating to wheel alignment, problems with the gearbox and worn tyres can significantly increase fuel consumption. Misalignment of the wheels can also lead to greater fuel consumption. Adderley Green Garages can provide vehicle diagnostics and resolve common issues with your vehicle. Read more below to pick up some tips for improving your fuel economy.

Changing gear

Generally speaking, the higher the revs, the more fuel is being used. Staying in lower gears for long periods of time can lead to greater fuel consumption. By changing gear at the right time you can avoid the engine using more fuel than is necessary. As manual cars are less complex than automatic cars they have typically been more fuel-efficient. This is now changing with modern torque converters providing automatic cars with improved efficiency, especially on longer journeys with consistent speeds.

Loading your car

How your car is loaded can have a big impact on fuel economy. If heavier items can be left behind, this can ensure a more fuel-efficient journey. Other options could include loading a bike carrier on the back of the car rather than the roof to reduce wind resistance. Taking a roof rack off when it is not in use can also offer significant improvements.

Monitoring tyre pressure

Ensuring that your tyres are inflated to the right air pressure and are in good condition is crucial for reducing fuel consumption. Underinflated or worn tyres increase the point of contact with the road and therefore increase rolling resistance. It is recommended that your tyre pressure should typically be between 30-35 psi with the maximum tyre pressure written on the sidewall of the tyre.

Route planning

One of the best ways to easily improve fuel efficiency is by taking the time to plan a journey, taking into account traffic congestion and trying to ensure a consistent journey. Most modern SatNavs will highlight roads which are congested. Planning your journey to avoid congestion and opt for a smoother journey will pay dividends in reducing fuel consumption.

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Adderley Green Garages can provide a car service or repair your vehicle to ensure that your car is running fuel efficiently. Replacing the spark plugs, ensuring the wheels are aligned and ensuring tyres are in good condition can all make a difference to fuel economy.

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