Four Benefits Of A Used Vehicle Purchase Four Benefits Of A Used Vehicle Purchase

Purchasing a used vehicle comes with a string of surprising, but important benefits, from lower costs to improved specification, there are many key reasons why you should consider purchasing a used vehicle. Below, we highlight four benefits of a used vehicle purchase.

Lower Maintenance Costs

A key advantage of purchasing a used vehicle, many repairs and maintenance costs are reduced due to both the availability of parts and the ease of work. Fixing and repairing a used car is often much simpler than a new one, with most mechanics effectively and thoroughly trained to handle a wide-range of traditional repairs, such as gearboxes, tyres or engine faults. Older vehicles are far more straight-forward and accessible to repair than new vehicles, keeping maintenance costs low.

Improved Specification

A major benefit of purchasing a used car over a brand-new one is gaining access to a wide-range of features and specifications that may otherwise come at a premium when purchasing a brand-new vehicle from the showroom. Features such as air conditioning, climate control, sun roofs, leather seats, cruise control, passenger airbags, built-in satellite navigation systems, and more can all be obtained at a much more competitive price if you’re not purchasing the vehicle straight from the showroom.

Most new cars are typically purchased on finance, with low monthly payments helping to cover the costs, but this is often accounted for with additional, and often hidden expenses for many features consumers would consider ordinary for modern vehicles. When purchasing a used vehicle, you’ll be able to choose a vehicle that already has these features included as part of the initial asking price, which, in itself, can often be negotiated.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Simply put; insuring a used vehicle is always going to cost significantly less in the long-run than insuring a brand-new vehicle straight from the show room. After all, a brand-new model of a given vehicle is a greater asset in the eye’s of an insurer, often with more sophisticated bodywork, gearboxes and steering systems than older models. A brand-new car has a lot more to lose if a severe collision occurs on the road than a used car, often resulting in extensive and expensive repairs.

No Waiting Period

A significant disadvantage of purchasing a brand-new vehicle is that you will inevitably have to wait quite a while to actually drive it out of the showroom. Most new vehicles can take weeks, or months, to arrive, particularly if they’re made-to-order directly from the brochure. Purchasing a used vehicle cuts out the waiting period, instead, you’ll be able to browse online, find a selection of vehicles that match your requirements and budget, visit the showroom, take a look at the vehicle and complete a purchase, all in the very same day.

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