With winter, comes harsher driving conditions and extreme weather, placing extra strain on your vehicle. It’s important to prepare for any eventuality, and keeping a close eye on your fluid levels throughout the year is an important place to start. Here are the most important checks and considerations to have in mind when assessing your fluid levels over the winter.


Low oil levels in your car can lead to serious issues, and at worst, a breakdown. It’s vital you check your oil levels regularly, especially in winter, as it’s an essential element of your car operating at its absolute best. If your oil levels are low, it will eventually cause long-term damage to the engine and subsequently, a complete breakdown. Make sure you check your oil levels using the dipstick and top up if it appears low.


This one may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many people run out of fuel and get themselves stranded during the winter as poor weather conditions bring traffic and busier roads.

If your fuel levels are low and you find yourself stuck in a jam, it’s really important you have enough fuel to get you to the next petrol station, or even better, all the way home. When the weather is extremely cold, this will affect your fuel quality, rendering your car much less efficient, so it’s imperative your tank is full.


Engine coolant is a water-based liquid that helps regulate the temperature of your engine in extreme conditions. When the winter snap arrives, make sure you’ve checked your coolant levels as in severe cold, coolant can freeze, becoming ineffective, eventually overheating your engine. Though most coolants have antifreeze in them to counter this issue, severe conditions can overpower its impact.


During the winter, the roads are often dirtier, harsher, and hold a lot more salt on the surface, so it’s important to make sure you’re able to keep your windscreen clean. In extreme conditions, screen wash can completely freeze over in the tank, so it’s really important you remember to mix the liquid with a quality additive that will protect this from happening even in negative temperatures. Remember to keep checking and topping up your levels as the screenwash gets used up.

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