If you happen to be a driver the chances are you have heard of breakdown recovery. However, you may not be fully aware of what it actually entails. So, what is involved in breakdown recovery and why is it important to have it?

Do I Require Breakdown Cover?

Breakdown cover isn’t actually a legal requirement. However, if you are on the road on a regular basis, it’s certainly wise to have some cover in place in case of emergencies. Being in the unfortunate situation where your vehicle has broken down is not only stressful but is also really unsettling and can be quite scary. If you are miles from home and stranded at the roadside, especially in the dark – it can be a very daunting prospect.

Having breakdown cover in place allows you to be able to get back on the road or be transported to safety, for example to a nearby garage. This can allow the necessary repairs to be carried out and ensures your safety. Going without breakdown cover is certainly not advised for these reasons. Without breakdown cover, you risk being helpless not to mention being left with a massive garage bill when you do manage to get a recovery service to help you out!

How Does a Car Breakdown Cover Work?

If you’re on the road or the motorway and you experience vehicle issues, you will be able to pull over and call your breakdown recovery provider. They will then send out an engineer who will try to rectify the issue with the car, then and there. If they can’t fix it for you, they will be able to take you to a garage who will help.

What Breakdowns are Covered?

You need to be able to get help in many kinds of situations when you experience car trouble. The most frequent causes of a breakdown tend to be:

  • Flat batteries
  • Damaged tyres or damaged wheels
  • Starter motor failure
  • Broken clutch cables
  • Adding the wrong kind of fuel

Overlooking the terms and conditions of policies before you buy cover because there will be some breakdowns you won’t be able to claim for.

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