Other than a roof over your head, chances are that buying a car will be the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Everyone loves shiny new purchases (cars included), however, many of us also strive to be financially responsible, and many buyers seem to be finding that purchasing a brand new care is an unnecessary expense. With this in mind, a used car can ensure you make a saving without sacrificing quality. Here we have listed some of the main benefits of buying a used car over a brand new one. Buying a used car can not only save you money but also provide the same satisfaction as a new car – read on to find out more.

Lower tax

Brand new models are always more expensive to tax and register. If you opt for a slightly older, pre-owned vehicle, you’ll be taking away a substantial amount of additional fees just by virtue of it being a slightly less sophisticated vehicle. In a great deal of circumstances, vehicle taxes are determined in accordance to the current retail value of the vehicle. Much older vehicles could even be subject to reduced taxes, so it’s certainly worth querying this yourself before you agree to a sale.

Supplement features

One benefit of buying used which is often forgotten about is the fact that many second hand vehicles possess a great deal of additional features. Anything from sun roofs, audio systems, LCD monitors or navigational tools would cost a considerable amount to install when a vehicle is fresh out of production. However, once time has passed and the car has aged a little, the features will have been superseded by more cutting edge mod cons and ultimately they won’t add much to its second hand price.

Lower cost in repairs

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that going to get a used car fixed is much easier than getting a brand new one repaired. You’ll find that it’s a fair bit cheaper too, because the parts are readily available and they won’t need to be sourced from official retailers. Dependant on the make and model of your car, you can get necessary car parts online or from reclamation yards. This keeps costs low and ensures that general maintenance doesn’t become too costly.

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