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Reliable Car Garages: What Every Garage Should Have

4 April 2023

When a breakdown occurs or your vehicle has a problem, the urge for a quick, cost-effective repair is understandable.

However, opting for the nearest car repair garage may not always be the best choice.

This post will discuss accreditations that can help you locate a trustworthy car repair shop. We’ll also list other essential factors to consider when searching for a reputable car repair facility.

Choose a Local, Accredited Car Garage

There are many accreditations that are geared towards providing customers with the best local garage in your area. Accreditations are a popular choice for many garages to partake in, as many people trust them.

Although most accreditations are national organisations, the ones listed below can help you find local garages. The accreditations usually champion supporting local and independent businesses.

Good Garage Scheme – Ran by Forté, a reputable engine treatment company with their products stocked by over 9000 UK garages. The Good Garage Scheme is an easy-to-use app and website that helps you locate reliable garages near you. The scheme has a strict code of conduct centred on top customer satisfaction.

Trust My Garage Scheme – Backed by national corporations like the Independent Garage Association (IGA), the Trust My Garage Scheme is a collection of the UK's best local garages. The IGA focuses on helping local garages succeed in all aspects of their business.

Choose a Nationally Accredited Car Repair Garage

There are so many different national accreditations that have many garages as part of their schemes. By choosing a garage with a national board logo, you can trust that the service provided will be of high quality and meet rigorous assessments and safety standards. Consider the following national accreditations:

Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) – A voluntary scheme by the IMI focusing on skilled mechanics rather than entire garages.

Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) Membership – Established in 1913, the RMI offers assistance and advice to thousands of retail motor businesses.

Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) – The IMI upholds strict ethical and professional standards for the motor industry and offers various accreditation schemes for garages.

RAC Approval – As one of the UK's leading breakdown cover companies, the RAC has over 700 registered garages. Choosing an RAC-approved garage ensures your vehicle is in capable hands.

AA Approved Garages – The AA, a renowned British motoring organisation specialising in breakdown cover, has a list of recommended garages across the UK, offering an abundance of options.

What Other Services Should Reputable Car Garages Offer?

Apart from accreditations, a reliable car repair garage should offer a comprehensive range of car services, adhere to health and safety standards, provide excellent customer service, and have positive testimonials. Below is a list of the kinds of services a good garage should offer:

Car Repair Services

MOT Tests – Your local garage should provide cost-effective annual MOT tests to ensure your vehicle's roadworthiness and compliance with legal standards. An MOT checks your car's overall condition, identifies necessary replacements and repairs, and evaluates exhaust emissions.

Auto Repairs – Auto repairs generally cover the most common vehicle issues. Garages should address a wide range of common vehicle issues, from replacing air filters, tires, and batteries to aligning wheels, adding antifreeze, and testing brakes.

Vehicle Diagnostics – Vehicle diagnostics tests proactively detect potential problems before costly repairs become necessary. These tests use specialised tools to quickly and accurately identify issues within the car's engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, fuel injectors, air flow, coolants, ignition coils and throttle.

Local Breakdown Recovery – Whether stranded on the motorway or in the city centre, emergency breakdown repairs are essential. Many local garages offer this service to help you get back on the road swiftly.

Car Garage Health and Safety Standards

A reputable garage should prioritize health and safety by wearing appropriate uniforms, using equipment correctly, and minimizing environmental impact. Make sure to choose a garage that complies with these practices for safe vehicle inspection and servicing.

Outstanding Customer Service

Receiving good customer service, no matter what the industry is, can really put a smile on our faces. Exemplary customer service includes a friendly welcome, efficient car repairs, timely completion, and helpful advice on preventative maintenance. Local garages should consistently go above and beyond for their customers.

Positive Reviews

Garages that deliver excellent customer service tend to receive positive testimonials. These first-hand experiences offer insight into the quality of services provided and customer satisfaction. While many garages share reviews on their website or in person, remember to check social media and Google business profiles for unbiased reviews.

Should I Visit My Local Garage Even If It Lacks Accreditation?

Many garages seek accreditation from certain organizations, as it demonstrates their business passion, assures good customer service, and boosts their business rating.

However, your local garage might not have accreditation, but this shouldn't necessarily steer you away from using their services. The garage might have positive online reviews, operate as a family-run or new business, or have earned trust among local residents.

If you are still unsure, ask people in your local area to see what they think, or only get a small repair or service completed there so you can judge for yourself.

Adderley Green Garage - Reputable Car Repair and Car Service

At Adderley Green Garage, we provide a comprehensive range of top-notch services to keep your car running smoothly. Our MOT, general repairs, and breakdown recovery services adhere to the highest standards.

Based in Stoke on Trent, we're proudly approved by RAC and the Good Garage Scheme. To learn more about our car service costs, contact us today.

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