Buying a used car may be a good way to eliminate many of the issues that come up with a brand-new car, but there are some things to watch out for. You should always examine a used car with care, but keep in mind that certain issues are more common than others. These are some of the biggest problems you’re likely to find in a used car.

1. The Tyres Are Unevenly Worn

It’s always a good idea to check the tyres when purchasing a used vehicle. This will show you what condition the vehicle is in. If you notice the tyres are unevenly worn, this may indicate problems with alignment or something more serious.

2. The Alternator is Failing

A failing alternator is a very common problem and you may not think to check this before you buy the car. A mechanic can check the alternator for you to ensure it’s putting out enough power to charge the battery. Without this, you will need to replace the alternator and may find yourself with a vehicle that is dying.

3. There’s a Leak in the Radiator

Radiator leaks are usually obvious, but if they’re very small, they may not be noticeable until the radiator is examined. In most cases, this is due to corrosion and that means the radiator will need replacing. A leaking radiator can result in your vehicle overheating.

4. The Vehicle’s Emissions are Excessively High

You should always look at the emissions for the vehicles you are interested in buying. They will usually be within acceptable amounts. However, if you find that the vehicle is producing higher levels of emissions, you should be careful. There are several reasons this could occur and all of them will require some potentially expensive repairs.

5. The Transmission Slips

When you take the vehicle for a test drive, make sure you put it through its paces. This will usually let you know if the transmission works well or if it is rough and slips. Any signs of slipping should be checked, as it could mean the system lines or gaskets are damaged. These will need to be repaired and it can be rather expensive to do so.

Ready to purchase a used car? You can ensure you are buying one that will last and doesn’t have too many problems by choosing the right buyer, or by taking a mechanic with you. They will help ensure you get the car that suits you.

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