5 Common Car Suspension Problems

5 Common Car Suspension Problems

If there’s something wrong with your suspension, it can be especially disruptive to your overall driving experience and affect the safety of your vehicle when on the road. You may be wondering how you’ll know when you have a suspension problem. Luckily, there are some noticeable signs that all is not as it should be – keep reading to find out what they are.

The vehicle is pulling to one side when driving

If you notice your car is pulling to one side while you’re driving, it’s likely that you’ve got a problem with your steering system, tyres, shock absorbers, or brakes.

Tyres need to be precisely aligned to ensure a smooth driving experience, so it’s worth checking that they are wearing evenly and are correctly inflated. If the problem continues after you have checked your tyres, check for visible signs of wear or damage on your shock absorbers, ball joints, or control arms – this can suggest it is a suspension issue, instead.

You feel every single bump

One of the suspension system’s main responsibilities is to smooth out any bumps on the road and minimise the impact they have on your vehicle. If you begin to feel every bump you drive over, it’s a clear sign that there is a problem with your shock absorbers or struts.

An easy way to check the functioning of these components is to perform the bounce test. To do this, put your entire body weight on your car’s bonnet, release it, and count how many times the car bounces. If it bounces more than three times, then there is probably an issue with the suspension. Consult a qualified mechanic for an official diagnosis and any necessary repairs.

One corner sits lower than the rest of the car

If you notice that one corner of your car seems to be a lot lower than the others, there’s a chance you have a worn or damaged spring. You may also notice that your car makes a clunking noise whenever you drive over speed bumps or potholes.

In this situation, the first thing you should do is check that your tyres are properly inflated. If they are and the problem persists, push your entire weight down onto the boot of your car and listen for creaking or squeaking noises. If you hear such noises, you should get your suspension checked by a professional.

Your car is leaning when driving

Have you noticed that your car is leaning in unusual directions when driving? For instance, does it:

  • Lean forward when you brake?
  • Lean from side-to-side when you turn a corner?
  • Lean backwards when you accelerate?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, there could be a problem with your shock absorbers or struts. You can test this using the bounce test, outlined above.

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